Bio: Animals have long been essential to mankind’s growth and contentment. Throughout history they have played a major role in human thinking and development of culture. Direct encounter with animals evokes a sudden wonder and respect. Their vivid life makes us aware of the source that creates and sustains all beings. Long before us humans existed these beings worked out the sequences of life in millions of variations. The living creature that I paint or draw is organic and temporary. Yet it is also connected to the universal patterns that design our reality, arrangements that involve all of space and time. These paintings and drawings are my way of creating sacred temples to these fleeting forms of insect, bird and mammal. I’m attempting to pause the flow of time, study the form and function of each beast and then create a lasting and celebrated homage. The geometric designs that are part of each piece represent the underlying foundations of the world that is tied to the universe at large and is permanent and all encompassing.

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