Sylvilagus audubonii or Desert Cottontail: The painting the just wouldn’t quit.

Rabbit18x24 copy-2

Sylvilagus audubonii 2017

I finally “finished”  this painting about a month ago and by finished I mean I had to let it go.   This painting was started in June of 2016 and I just couldn’t get it right.  I spent 10 months on the darn thing and it went through so many stages but I never ended up completely satisfied.   Meanwhile during the months I spend working on this painting I started (and finished!)  five other paintings, three drawings and two linocuts.  That’s sorta ridiculous.  I usually would have abandoned something going so bad fairly early into it, but I just couldn’t give up on it.   And though I’m still not completely happy about the results, I’m glad I didn’t toss it to the side and end up painting over it.

I did learn something extremely important,  I need to spend time on the planning and sketching stages of the piece and not blow it off.  The five other paintings that I completed while this was on the easel, were all well thought out.  I did many sketches and worked on the composition on paper before taking it to the panel.   For this one I did one sketch, was kinda happy with how it looked, and then jumped right into the painting. I was too excited to paint and did not work out all the kinks on paper first.

So no more!   What’s a few hours working on getting the sketch composition just right compared to months painting and then repainting and then repainting some more?

Here’s a few photos of the process this thing went though.

Now it’s time to let it go and start sketching.


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