Linocuts and Bugs.

So I have a little show coming up in July at a local little gallery called “Traders of the Lost Arts”.   They specialize in prints and I’ve agreed to do a Linocut series whose subject matter is all insects.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done Linocuts so there was a bit a learning curve to deal with but I think I’ve gotten the hang of things now.   I did managed to cut myself quite a few times on the first piece.   Here’s a few photos of the process.

This is the first one I worked on,  more of a practice than a finished piece.  I carved away to much of the detail on the Cicada’s back and then once it’s gone there’s no turning back.    But it was a good lesson to learn.  I did like how the wings turned out.

This dragonfly is the second one I worked on and I liked it better.  I’m still getting used to the lack of detail.   I’m used to working with tiny little lines and shapes and you can’t do that with Linocuts.   That’s actually one of the big reasons I like them,  I love how chunky the line work is .  However to get the effect of insect wings, or tiny scales, etc, I have to work a bit differently than I’m used to.


This Goliath beetle is the current one I’m working on and I think I’ve found the secret to it all.  I fill in the sketch with a thick sharpie before I start to carve.   The thick sharpie is the same width as the finest line work achievable from carving so I can see what level of detail I can get.   I can really get a sense of how it will turn out as a print before making the commitment to carve into the block.

It’s pretty sweet and I’m enjoying myself.   My plan is to do ten pieces of varying sizes,  some as big as 9 x 12 and some as small as 3 by 4.    They will all be printed in black and white.



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